Slytherin 6 (aka House 2) bedroom house- 4144 Falcon Terrace, Tobyhanna, PA 18466 Joe and Susan, Craig and Alysse, Eric and Jesse, Jan and Mike, Rob, and Caitlin’s family.

Ravenclaw 5 (aka House 3) bedroom house- 8505 Bumble Bee Way, Tobyhanna, PA 18466 Marty and Matt, Sean and Christa, Gabby and Connor, Toni and Grant, Ryan and his family.

Gryffindor (aka The Party House) 4 bedroom house-116 Feather Ln, Tobyhanna, PA 18466 Bill and Betty, Bob, John and Beatriz, Dan and Beth.

Hufflepuff house-(aka House 4) 3625 Robin Lane Tobyhanna PA 18466 Rory, Bill and families.

Mostly Fed Softball


  1. Hi Dan:

    We have Mike and John here and making progress on meals. Don’t know how to edit the calendar so here you go.

    Wed night lasagna dinner hosted by Bob and his family
    Thurs. Beatriz and John TBD menu
    Friday-all you DAN!
    Sat cousin’s party hot dogs, hamburgers Brats and salad-each brother has 1 hour grilling shift
    Sun-Susan Joe some sort of chicken
    Mon-taco night with Bill Craig and Eric

  2. Please just leave your edits here and I will incorporate.

  3. Thanks again for doing this. Here’s my suggested edits . . .

    Victor Tufide Open (see Mike)
    Trip to the Water Park (see Billy)
    Women’s Spa Day (see Susan)
    delete mention of Spades Tourney bracket selection due to space constraints.

    Suggested Poolside Activities:
    Ping-Pong; Cornhole
    Spades Tourney Begins

    Suggested Poolside Activities:
    Wiffle-Ball, Shuffleboard

    Hiking (see Gabby)

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